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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Molds and Jigs

Workshop volunteer Paul Connors feeding the planer

Rocking the Boat participants unloading the goodies from Phily

Molds and one of the bending jigs unloaded at Rocking the Boat's
Brooklyn workshop.

A jig for bending the stem.

Jig and steambox

These two photos are of the frame bending jig. A smaller version has been built for the knees.
Notice that
next to the jig is a steambox setup. The pieces will be steamed to make them pliable before going onto the jig.

All photos courtesy Gina Pickton/Workshop on the Water

Boatbuilding glossary found at Inthe Boatshed, courtesy Gavin Atkin

Gina & Co. have been busy at the boatshop as the project heats up, with help from the CHAD group. Her report:

"We’ve been making some progress on both getting boats out of the shop, and moving forward on the whaleboat. One boat left last week and two more will be out the door next week. Then we will finally have the room freed up in the shop for the whaleboat.
On Friday we delivered some goodies to Rocking the Boat. They now have the keel pattern, the knee and frame bending jig patterns, the stem bending jig, the strongback and 8 molds. We’ve also made our own stem bending jig and are on our way to completing our own knee and frame bending jigs."

Once the strongback is set up and the molds attached, the fun should begin in earnest.

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