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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Planking begins...

Garboard in place and a new plank being fitted.



More frames on the bending jig

This shot shows how the garboard fits into it's rabbet, or groove, on the keel.

This from about eye level

This photo shows how the garboard conforms to the molds.

all photos Thomas Armstrong

After a great afternoon aboard Gazela for the pirate battle (see 70.8%), I dropped in on Gina at the boatshop to see what progress had been made of the boat. They've started planking but only just. Much more time has been spent over the last month or so bending the approximately100 frames needed for the boat. The actual figure is around 76, but Gina explained they wanted a few extras so they would not have to do them later. As you can see there's a rather impressive pile!
As for the planking, both garboards have been fitted into their rabbet along the keel and a partial first plank or strake as well. Once the frames are all done the planking should proceed quickly. Exciting!
Since John Brady is spending so much time running the museum, a new boatbuilder has been chosen to oversee the day to day running of the boatshop. His name is Bruce McKenzie and I should be meeting him soon.

Stay tuned.

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