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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Progress report on the Seaport's Whaleboat(s)

A shapely lass

A work in progress, to be sure, and progress is being made.


rudder and

The loggerhead is a kind of bollard around which the harpoon line is turned to ease the strain.

The massive bow chocks seen in this photo were designed to take the strain of the harpoon line once a whale was in play.

all photos copyright Thomas Armstrong
The Seaport's whaleboat is coming along. Most of what remains are the bits and pieces that will pull it all together, and the parts, some already in place, exclusive to a whaleboat. The main task ahead is building and fitting the spars and sails.
ISM,via the boatshop, is looking to build a second whaleboat for the Morgan, and possibly the spars for all the project boats. The list is growing. There's the Rocking the Boat build, Lowell's has started theirs, Beetle Mfg. Co. is building and word has it that The Apprenticeshop and Alexandria Seaport have or will soon begin building. I'll hopefully have updates on all these projects soon.
The latest info I have is that the second whaleboat and the rig building projects at Workshop on the Water are still only partially funded.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Lily Williams in the development office at ISM. 
originally posted on Whaleboats for the CW Morgan by Thomas Armstrong


  1. Would love to assist in sail design & sewing if needed, Seattle area so not local.

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