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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Apprenticeshop builds a whaleboat

Lofting complete, beginning station molds.

Setting stem and stern molds

Fairing planking lines

Loggerhead carved from trunk

Planking completed

Gunwales installed

Installing frames

Installing centerboard trunk

Bronze roller for Harpooner's line, between the chocks

Hull faired, caulked and filled

Exterior primer coat

Interior primed

Primed and ready for interior fittings

All images and captions courtesy The Apprenticeshop

Miscommunication is a real bugger. John Brady recently put me in touch with Tim Jacobus at the Apprenticeshop in Rockland, ME, they've been building since August but we've just now connected! My lapse, no doubt. Tim is an apprentice and the project leader for their whaleboat. I'm posting Tim's missive to me as it pretty much says it all...

Hello Thomas,

I would like to confirm the building of the New Bedford "Leonard" Whaleboat for the Charles W. Morgan here in The Apprenticeshop, Rockland Maine.  Seems the info from our end isn't reaching the main Whaleboat/Morgan info stream. I have slowly been contacting other teams while we have been building our whaleboat and hope to open a line of communication as well as skill share and swap construction suggestions. Anyway my name is Timothy (Tim) Jacobus and I am a second year apprentice and the project leader. I with another second (Simon Jack) and three first year apprentices have steadily been constructing our Leonard boat. Lofting began on August 7, stem stern and keel set on September 19, planking completed on November 13, frames December 4, and now (December 14) her centerboard trunk installed, hull is faired, caulked, and primed. We will begin outfitting her interior once The Ashop is back from holiday break. I was informed of your forum/blog, Whaleboats for the CW Morgan and reading that you have received no info from the Apprenticeshop, I had to send this introduction and a few pictures. I've been in contact with the Great Lakes Boat Building school and have yet to email Lowell's. I am also trying to get the contact info for Matthew Stackpole to share our progress. He recently paid us a visit here in Rockland and we the build team would like to continue our relationship with him throughout the project.  We would love to hear from you and any of your team, to begin "breaking the ice" so to speak, and looking forward to the day we all meet in Mystic. Hope you like, and will share, the pics. Feel free to add them to your forum if you wish.

Proost, Tim Jacobus

The Apprenticeshop was founded by Lance Lee in 1972. More on Lance and the Apprenticeshop here.

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