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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clamp being filed

Clamp being filed

Clamp being sanded

Jeff and Nicholas admiring a students work

all photos courtesy Gina Picton

From my esteemed correspondent Gina Picton comes this brief summary of the weeks progress on the whaleboats:

"The CHAD students were in again this week. They are working on the frame bending jig. I’ve attached some pictures of them working with teacher Jeff Gerstemeier (in the hat) and workshop volunteer and instructor Nicholas Pagan. The jig has many built in clamps to hold each frame in place and the students are learning to use the different tools needed to complete the project. They have 29 ready to go, with just a few more to finish."

Gina says a couple more boats will leave the boatshop this week, allowing work to begin on setting up the support structure need for building the whaleboat. There is a possibility of some names to apply to the student photos above and also some photos they've taken of the work as well! Stay tuned.

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